Our Story

Delve into the story of Zacapa.

Petate Weavers

In 1976 the first Zacapa bottle was completely covered by Petate weaving made by women from El Progreso. By 1999 Zacapa took the initiative to support women from El Quiché who where displaced by conflict, creating work opportunities for their Petate weaving skills.

Later on, other villages from Jocotán were heavily affected by a dry season that destroyed their crops which were their main source of income. Zacapa was able to incorporate them and give the opportunity to generate a new income. Throughout these turbulent times, women have emerged as inspirational leaders in their communities.

We have over 700 women weaving our Petate bands and giving the Zacapa bottle Guatemalan authenticity.

Zacapa Petate Weavers